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Miracles around us

Everyone needs faith in something: in love, in tomorrow, or at least just in the best. Faith makes us feel alive, keep fighting, be more tolerant and grateful.

Everything related to health affected by faith in one way or another. We believe in our product, in its healing properties, in the fact that we are pursuing a good goal. And this is important, because this is the only way to achieve results. Motivation breeds action.

This is how the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing was born, the main goal of which is to bring health to the masses. This organization is one of a kind, it exists for the sake of serving humanity, and not God in the conventional sense. This informal approach is expressed in openness and loyalty to any religion, views and beliefs. And the conscious choice as a “weapon” for a better quality of life of people is not religion, but seven simple dogmas:

✅Doing good deeds
✅Good health for all mankind
✅Doing what is right
✅Freedom for all mankind
✅Enlightening others with the truth
✅Helping one another
✅Maintain integrity in all things

For many centuries, the classical church has been a refuge for the sick and needy. But the Church of Health and Healing has a different philosophy: it is better to prevent disease than to cure it. The solution was to become familiar with the technology of “health restoration”, unknown to the general public. And its name is MMS (we have changed the name into AMS later). This happened thanks to the many years of work of Jim Humble, who pored over researching a substance that can heal almost any ailment.

The followers of the Church were so impressed by the medicinal properties of the cure that they began to use it along with other medicinal natural herbs, solutions and powders. MMS has become a leading tool in the prevention of death and severe disease consequences. More than 20 million people have been treated with the mineral substance.

Now we are working closely with the Church, supplying them with our products on a charitable basis. We believe that spiritual well-being is directly dependent on the physical, which is why it is so important to keep our “temple” (body) clean.

If you want to join the ranks of fighters for the health of the world or learn more about the results of AMS treatment, write to us on any social network or website. Follow the link in the profile header.

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