What Are Oberon Biofeedback and Bioresonance Machines?

Modern Technology of Bioresonance on guard of your health

A lot of excitement is building regarding the unique diagnostic abilities and properties of Oberon devices. So let’s cover what you need to know.

What is an Oberon Biofeedback or Bioresonance Machine?

Oberon machines are a special type of scanning device. They listen in on and measure the vibrations of your body’s cells and then compares them with a large database of information to identify abnormalities in your tissues, cells and organs with up to 90% accuracy.

As the Oberon is used for assessing organ function and not structure, it bears no resemblance to an MRI, CT or Ultrasound scan, though the results can also be seen on a monitor. 

This special type of scan can take anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes. They are thought to be the only devices in the world that can perform a “spectral analysis of turbulent magnetic fields” in humans and other living organisms, as well as measure “bioelectric activity of brain neurons”.

Not only that: they can also emit healthy frequencies to specific areas in your body to help speed up healing, therefore potentially addressing the root cause of almost any health issue. 


Who is the Oberon Machine Good For?

Oberon diagnostic machines provide a quick, easy and painless diagnosis that is non-invasive. It can even be used with kids.

What I like about the approach people are taking with these machines is that it prioritises your health freedom, education and puts the power into your hands. For example, unlike with regular scanning machines and practices that you might encounter elsewhere, the practitioners trained to use Oberon machines will show you in real time what the machine shows is happening in your body. Sounds fascinating to me!


They Say You’re Fine, But You Feel Sick 

Many people seek out scans like this because they feel unwell, but their blood tests all look good. It can give a complete overview of your general health, so you can identify the potential causes of your symptoms and the root cause of health issues.


Support Health Maintenance

When you feel fine again, Oberon can also help you to quickly spot any imbalances, weaknesses in your body or deterioration in your health by picking up issues before they become a health problem. For example, the machine can scan each organ or tissue at a cellular level to find out how stressed an organ is and how much the cells are being affected by a specific illness.


Silent Inflammation

What I find very exciting is that even silent inflammation can be picked up, which has been linked to diseases as diverse as cancer, obesity, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and congestive heart failure.


Identifying Root Causes And The Most Urgent Problems 

It can also detect if your gut problem is worse than the issues you have with your kidneys, so you can address and resolve the most urgent issues first. This prevents mistakes such as taking a drug for a heart condition when it’s actually your thyroid that is causing the problem.



But the Oberon not only detects illnesses and inflammation, it picks up parasites like bacteria, viruses and fungi because they also have different vibrational patterns. So your Oberon practitioner can localise them and help find the right measures to eliminate them from your body. 


Allergies, Food Intolerances & Heavy Metals

Toxins and sensitivities can also be picked up by Oberon machines, recorded and analysed. 


For Improving Your Health!

As mentioned above, Oberon machines can also send as well as detect frequencies to your body. So if you do have a physical or a psychological symptom and you’re looking for a holistic yet science-based approach to resolving it, I would consider an Oberon treatment.


The History of Oberon Machines

The Oberon diagnostic machine was originally developed by scientists involved in the Russian space programme. The program was developed within the Department of Medicine at the University of Omsk in Siberia. 

The Oberon machines are based on 20 years of research performed by teams who worked out that in normal individuals, patterns of frequency correspond to certain organs. They also worked out the normal frequency responses of the organ cells of people of a particular age. 

A lot of doctors are now using Oberon machines in Russia, but they are available to access all over the world. We are newly offering this service on our website. Check it out here if this information has piqued your curiosity!

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