This is how to really prevent & recover from the flu, or a cold, fever or cough

I never get the flu. Is that because I’m a man… have a super strict diet… or never drink or eat junk food?


It’s because I take measures to kill viruses and bacteria so they can’t fester IMMEDIATELY. 

With powerful natural remedies for a cold, cough, fever, and the flu.

Here’s how you can wipe out these bugs all winter long:

  1. Act before you get sick
  2. Megadose nutrients that fuel your immune response
  3. Cook viruses and bacteria with water and heat
  4. Destroy the rest with inexpensive, natural antibacterial and antiviral agents

Let me explain exactly how to do this.


I personally take vitamin C any time I work a lot or feel more tired than usual. If there is a bug going around, I may also take some to boost my immune system.

This is how vitamin boosts your immune system:

  • It stimulates neutrophil (white blood cell) movement to the infection site
  • It enhances phagocytosis, which is where immune cells engulf and digest foreign particles like bacteria and viruses
  • It protects your healthy tissue from damage

Here’s our Pure Vitamin C product. I love it because we’ve extracted all the unnecessary ingredients from normally go into vitamin C that don’t benefit your health and just retained the purest ascorbic acid on the planet. If you prefer capsules, you can buy those here.


  • Take 1-2 grams of vitamin C right before bed

If you don’t feel completely better in the morning, repeat your dose… or…


Did you know that you can megadose vitamin C, D, and even E without any danger? This is much more effective than taking less over a longer period of time when you are feeling unwell. 

A client recently visited my office and we quadrupled her dose… and it did the trick. This is suppressed information and most supplement companies aren’t allowed to share this information on their websites or product labels. They are only able to feature the RDA to prevent nutrient deficiency, which has nothing to do with therapeutic dosing. It’s a bit like saying if I hold your chin above turbulent water so you don’t drown, I’m helping you. But doing that won’t get you out of the danger zone if you’re in the middle of an aggressive storm 😉

If I’m starting to feel a little unwell (especially if I also went to the gym or play padel tennis even though symptoms were coming on…!), I use the following megadose:

  • Take 3-5 grams of vitamin C depending on the severity of the symptoms, right before going to bed (optional boost: 3 capsules of GlyNac)

GlyNac (or NAC) has anti-aging properties.

Here are the benefits of NAC:

-Repairs DNA & promotes synthesis

-Supports liver detoxification

-Strengthens the immune system

-Promotes the synthesis of glutathione (the master antioxidant)


If have more severe symptoms, I take up to 10 grams per day of vitamin C and then have a very hot shower so I overheat. 


Chinese medicine practitioners still prescribe these methods and have been doing so for thousands of years…


I’m talking an uncomfortably hot shower, so you get too hot for 5-10 minutes. Follow it up by dressing very warmly.

Using heat is based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which has a different theoretical framework than Western medicine.

According to TCM, hot foot baths are believed to work through several mechanisms:

  1. A) Promoting Blood Circulation

TCM emphasizes the concept of Qi (pronounced “chee”), which is the vital energy that flows through the body. Hot foot baths are thought to help improve the flow of Qi and blood in the body. By immersing the feet in hot water, the warmth is believed to stimulate circulation, helping to remove blockages and promote overall balance.

  1. B) Balancing Yin and Yang

TCM is rooted in the balance of Yin and Yang, opposing yet complementary forces in the body. Hot foot baths are considered to have a warming and Yang-promoting effect. In some cases, they are recommended to help balance the body’s Yin and Yang energies.

  1. C) Relaxation and Stress Reduction

Soaking your feet in hot water can be a relaxing and soothing experience. TCM places great importance on emotional and psychological well-being, and stress reduction is considered beneficial for overall health. Hot foot baths can help relax the body and mind.

  1. D) Reflexology and Meridian Theory

TCM also incorporates the concept of meridians, energy channels that run through the body. The feet are thought to be closely connected to various meridians, and stimulating the feet through hot water may have a positive impact on other parts of the body, promoting overall health and balance.


To make your foot baths even more therapeutic, add a glass of hydrogen peroxide (at 12% dilution, or half a glass of 35%) and let your feet soak in the water for about half an hour minimum. When the water begins to cool, it’s essential to add more hot water! This therapy only works with very hot water.

Hydrogen peroxide is a potent solution for all bugs and pathogens. I can feel it working when I add it to my own foot baths.


CDS (chlorine dioxide solution), AMS (activated mineral solution), saline, ginger, lemon, turmeric and ground black pepper are all my go-to anti-bug remedies. Some can be used internally as well as externally.

Simply buy your lemons and ginger fresh. Celtic sea salt is my favorite salt… You can increase the absorbency of turmeric by 1000% with this product. Here’s an article all about unlocking turmeric’s amazing gifts.

And you can find all our chlorine dioxide-related products right here. Including CDS and AMS. Ask us if you need any help selecting the right one for you by talking to me here


If I have a runny nose or congestion, I use saline solution and the spray bottle we have in the store and spray it up my nose. See our special product here. Or I use my Netti pot, and do the same. Salt + water and then let the water drip through the little hole in your nasal cavity. 

Google how to do it before you try using a Netti pot as if you don’t do it right, it can be very uncomfortable. You can also perform this same procedure with a CDS solution (always dilute!) of X ml per 10 ml of water.

You can also use several doses of 2ml of CDS throughout the day. Or I activate 6 drops of AMS diluted in water 2-3 times per day. That’s very powerful as well and I instantly feel an improvement in my health when I do that. Again, here are our chlorine dioxide products.


If for some reason my symptoms worsen, I do 2 teaspoons of vitamin C several times per day, plus ginger, lemon, turmeric, and ground black pepper tea. Then I do a foot bath and dress warmly. And I eat light, drink only water apart from the tea, plus very healthy foods and avoid alcohol of course.


My last strategy (which has allowed me to build a strong immune system and stay well during winter… even though I often see people who are really sick at my office)… 

…is that I stop.

I also rest as much as I can and stay at home until I’m better. The modern world can make us think that our health should take second priority over our responsibilities… that you should suppress your symptoms with meds and keep driving the corporate machine forward. 

You don’t need to believe their B.S! When you have a chronic disease later because your body wasn’t allowed to heal naturally with the support it needed, they will only be able to offer you more drugs with worse side effects, or even worse, that they can’t help you. 

Many of my clients are in this position. There is a better way!

THE SOLUTION: While you’re sick, try to get others to support you so you can care for what matters most when it needs attention: your health.

If you need more support with staying well over winter or healing a chronic disease, I have over 15 years of experience in this field, helping everyday people to access real health solutions that address the root cause of their issues so they can heal. For pennies on the dollar.

You can book a free health call with me here if you have any questions about your situation. I work with wonderful people from across the world, especially the USA, due to their fraudulent and unaffordable health system.And if you want to use the exact products I’m using to prevent and eliminate colds, flu and other winter symptoms, you can find them all in the Shop right here.

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