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Every household in the world would greatly benefit from having some DMSO…

Matthew Armstrong

I will start by mentioning that I think every household in the world would greatly benefit from having some DMSO, AMS and Vitamin C at the ready.

Whenever my family went down with a strong flu virus last year, we took a regular dose of AMS and experienced a very potent and immediate cleansing of the body and clearing of the mind. I have also noticed from taking a daily dose of Vitamin C, that I enjoy elevated mood levels and feel clearer and brighter in the mornings. Tobias has always helped me instantly with any questions I had, and supported me with good tips regarding his products. I can really recommend him and his health solutions.”


Matthew Armstrong


Success with Multiple Sclerosis

Testimony of AMS usage from September 27th 2007 to March 2008.

I have taken AMS for 5 months. I have Multiple Sclerosis and have improved my symptoms over the years with many holistic therapies and treatments. I always found some of the symptoms would re-occur in time. I came to the belief that Multiple Sclerosis is pathogen-based and the immune system is overwhelmed and starts attacking the central nervous system and myelin. I believe, as long as the pathogens are active, the MS disease will remain a problem.

I found AMS and thought this is the answer to the pathogen problems. I started out very low and remained at 3 drops several times a day for over a month. I noticed my nails improving right away. They lost the dullness and started to shine. They also lost the ridges and lumps. I noticed the white foam, which I took to be yeast, had died off. I have seen my pre-cancer lumps drop off. I have seen lymph congestion diminish.

I have seen lymph nodules reduced. The functions of my lungs, kidneys, bowels, and skin, have improved. My balance problems, aches and stiffness as well as spasms from MS have been absent for over two months. My sleep and digestion are much improved. I am no longer snoring. My skin looks better and the age spots are gone. My skin is starting to tighten on my arms, face, neck, upper and lower legs. My balance is much improved. My stiffness has subsided. An ear infection which I have had for 10 years has cleared. My sinus is clearing and my voice has changed due to open sinus passages. My voice is stronger. I may have left out a few improvements as there seems to be no area which AMS hasn’t improved.

I believe improvements are a result of doing the AMS protocol. I have worked up to 10 drops 3 to 4 times a day. I also am doing a lot to keep all systems evacuating. I am also taking enzymes, although for the first month I didn’t do this. I hope this is helpful. Are you dealing with systemic yeast? Many people have Candida Yeast and it is very destructive. I also have been diagnosed with Lime’s disease, mycoplasma, Epstein Barr, chlymedia pneumonia, Black Berry Mold infection and various staph infections. I am drinking more water and my thirst has returned. I don’t crave the foods or drinks which are bad for me anymore.

Marlene / WA - USA

Testimonial – Herpes simplex – Labialis

Testimonial – Herpes Simplex – Labialis

Javea – Spain 11th & 12th of February 2012

It was requested by the mother of my daughter to come and assist with her healing of Herpes Simplex (lips).

It had become uncontrollable and was spreading around the mouth area. Approximately half of the mouth was covered in large unsightly scabs, alive and tingling.

I set to work with AMS, I made a solution at the advised 1:5 ratio of 3:15 drops mixed with water in a tea-cup.

My daughter, very maturly applied this to the area every half hour as requested. She also took one drop to five mixed with water internally (drinking).

The results were obvious within twelve hours. The moist tingling of herpes had reduced and the drying-out process had begun. At 24 hours, the tingling had reduced to 20%. The continued healing was obvious. At 48 hours, the vague remembrance of this irritating out of control “virus” merely lingered and the scabs had dried up and fallen away.

At 72 hours the problem was solved and herpes completely gone!

Continued one drop-to-five maintenance dose for seven days, as an immune system booster.

Storm ~ 21.02.2012

Paul Whaling / Spain

Shingles / Herpes Zoster cured in three days

My mother had unbearable pain in leg as she had an attack of Shingles / Herpes Zoster. She had very little knowledge of protocols. Yet she took six drop doses three times a day for three days. The consequent over reaction was unavoidable but the inflammation of the nerves was gone with just light tingling sensation remaining on the fourth day. This is a miracle given that others with a similar condition wouldn’t want to live with the pain. This is without any prescription pain killers or anti-virals.

Shekhar / India

Prostate problems

I first started using AMS approx 6 years ago,had acute pain in my prostate area,pain dissolved within a few days,and within a week or so all symtoms completely gone,in other words “HEALED”. Also use AMS to bathe in,an amazing tonic to rejuvenate a tired body….use AMS for overall health including teeth, gums,basically your whole physical body. Stay with the recommended dose,easy n safe to use .

James / New Zealand
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