Testimonial – Herpes simplex – Labialis

Javea – Spain 11th & 12th of February 2012

It was requested by the Mother of my Daughter to come and assists with her healing of Herpes simplex (lips).

It had become uncontrolable and was spreading around the mouth area. Approximatly half of the mouth was covered in large unsightly scabs, alive and tingling.

I set to work with AMS, i made a Solution at the advised 1:5 ratio of 3:15 drops mixed with water in a tea-cup.

My daughter, very maturly applied this to the area every half hour as requested. She also took one drop to five mixed with water internaly (drinking).

The results were obvious within twelve hours. The moist tingling of herpes had reduced and the drying-out process had began. At 24 Hours, the tingling had reduced to 20%. The continued healing was obvious. At 48 Hours, the vague rememberance of this irritating out of control “virus” merely lingered and the scabs had dried up and fallen away.

At 72 Hours the Problem was solved and Herpes completely gone!

Continued one drop-to-five maintanance Dose for seven days, as immune system booster.

Storm ~ 21.02.2012