The “Pure Water Kit” – that produces – Chlorine Dioxide- is the best water purification chemical known and is extremely useful when you travel to foreign countries or even anywhere in the United State where water purification is maybe necessary.

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The “Pure Water Kit” is a small and convenient Set of two Bottles that fit into every bag and pocket, and is the safest and most efficient way of purifying Water to make it potable to drink.

How can the Pure Water Kit  help you and even SAVE your Life?Man drinking water from river with skeleton kneeling beside him

Well, if you want to go outdoors into the wild, go camping into forests or want to travel to regions in the world where you cannot rely on clean drinking water, you want the insurance to make water safe and drinkable for you and not end up with a dangerous parasite or bacteria.

If it is leisure or exploring nature, if it comes to drinking water you want to be absolutely sure that your water is not contaminated and full of bacteria, viruses or parasites that can cause severe diseases and health problems.

You will want a reliable Water Purification Kit!

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After natural disasters and during emergencies there are times when there isn’t enough fuel for boiling water, or there isn’t a suitable container available to place over an open flame.
In a true end of organised society situation or even just disruptions to the supply chains, replacement water filters will not be available and new supplies of disinfection chemicals will disappear.
Even backup sources of water need to be disinfected.


The Practicalities of the “Pure Water Kit” are:

  • It fits into every Bag or Pocket.
  • Its is easy & quick to use with a simple drop relation of 1:1
  • It is inexpensive and long lasting.
  • The Kit comes with pipettes so that dosing is made easy.
  • The “Pure Water Kit” does not become as ineffective like most tablets will after they pass the expiration date.
  • The purifying Solution you create (chlorine dioxide) with the “Pure Water Kit“ is  the most efficient oxidizing, pathogen-killing agent known in the world!
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NOW, don’t get confused – Chlorine Dioxide is not Chlorine and is not Bleach !!!

Although the word Chlorine is in the name, it is very diclean-water-dropfferent from common household Clorox Bleach (sodium hypochlorite) or pool chlorine, which are poisons known to be carcinogenic.
Chlorine Dioxide works differently than Chlorine & Sodium Hypochlorite in that it destroys the pathogens completely through oxidation, and is itself destroyed in the reaction, leaving nothing behind to build up or cause side effects. The by-products are table salt, discharged oxygen atoms, and the remains of dead pathogens that are easily removed by the body.

House-Bleach, Clorox, or Lejilla (like called in Spain)  – are mostly all Sodium Hypochlorite. Those bleaches which regularly contains 5.25 to 6 percent sodium hypochlorite, diminishes and loses its potency quite quickly after opening which apart from being dangerous for ingestion makes it also un-practical to use when going outdoors and relying on a water purifier that you can use for a long time.
The “Pure Water Kit” are two components, the OXIDIZER and its ACTIVATOR that stay in two different bottles and are mixed together easily in a relation of 1:1 to produce Chlorine Dioxide.
This is simply being added than to your Water that you want to purify, making it safe to drink.

A bit more chemical explanation on why to use ‘Chlorine Dioxide’ and not ‘Chlorine’ alone.

How -Chlorine- oxidizes
I should mention that some kinds of oxidation are a little more complex. For example when chlorine oxidizes a substance, we call it “chlorination” The reason for this is that the electrons are rearranged in the substance being oxidized and the chlorine combines with that substance to create new substances. When chlorine is used, the new substances — in some cases, even in water purification systems — are actually cancer-causing.
Apart from that, treating water with chlorine will kill bacteria, but not all viruses.

How -Chlorine Dioxide- oxidizes
Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) does not oxidize in that way. It draws all the electrons away and never combines with anything. It is destroyed in the process. Thus there is a “clean kill” and the substance that is destroyed and the ClO2 leave no new chemical compounds behind. So chlorine kills by creating new substances, and chlorine dioxide completely destroys, leaving no new substances. The chemical formula of chlorine dioxide, ClO2 shows that it has one atom of chlorine, that’s the Cl, and two atoms of oxygen, that’s the O2.

Chlorine dioxide is the weakest of the oxidizers that are used in the body. It has an oxidation potential of only 950 millivolts.(or 0.95 Volts) When the electrons in a ClO2 molecule hold the chlorine atom and the two oxygen atoms together, the combination has a completely different character than either chlorine or oxygen atoms alone. The combination that we call a molecule has a need or more precisely a voltage that will draw 5 electrons from certain other molecules. When the electrons are drawn away, these molecules fly apart. You might think that when a ClO2 molecule pulls over these electrons, they would strengthen its outer shell, but not so. Instead, they neutralize the ClO2 outer shell and that molecule also flies apart. The chlorine atom becomes a chloride (table salt) atom and the two oxygen atoms are discharged before they leave the shell so they just collect a molecule of carbon and become carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is what we breathe out.

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4 thoughts on “Water purification

  1. Alexa says:

    Having a kit like this is pretty much a must for every one nowadays in my opinion. Even if you’re not a “prepper” type, having something like this costs almost nothing and takes up so little space but will save your life in any type of disaster scenario, natural or otherwise. If you don’t have one, get one!

  2. Rosemarie smith says:

    I live in Germany.. and Would Like to use this product…I can however only find Chloride dioxide in 0.3% solution pre Mixed(No activater).
    Can You tell me if this solution ist as effektive…as mixing the two together.. and if 0.3% is correct? Which should be 24-28%???

    Thank you.

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