Requirements for the preparation and application

  • 25% sodium Chlorite solution / NaClO2 (pipette bottle)
  • 4% Hydrochloric Acid – HCL / Activator (pipette bottle)
  • A clean and dry drinking glass
  • A watch (stopwatch, egg timer, etc.)

Water or a apple-, cranberry-, grape- or pineapple juice without additional Vitamin C.

 The mixture of NaClO2 and the Activator is always prepared in a ratio of 1:1

(1 drop NaClO2 – 1 drop Activator).

Add the required amount of Activator to a clean and dry drinking glass first – one drop at a time. Afterwards, add the required amount of NaCIO2 to the activator and, using a stopwatch or clock, wait the required 30 seconds period for the reaction to occur. During this waiting period you should swirl the glass a little to ensure the components are well mixed. Once the 30 seconds are over, fill the glass halfway with water or a fruit juice of your choice – ensuring that the juice does not contain any additional Vitamin C. This should be visible on the juice carton. (added Vitamin C is also called ascorbic acid)

-Fruit juices, especially Apple juice neutralises the taste of Chlorine dioxide-

According to experience, only freshly pressed juice has no additional Vitamin C.


For the correct storage of sodium Chlorite solution please keep the following in mind:

The 25% sodium Chlorite solution (NaClO2) – which will be supplied in durable tinted bottles, should be kept in a cool dark place, such as a cupboard. It is recommended to wrap the bottles in Aluminium foil to ensure further protection from the light. Light destroys Sodium Chlorite. Keep out of reach of children.

Caution: Any spilled Sodium Chlorite solution that comes in contact with skin or surfaces must be washed away immediately. Do not let it dry. The white powder remaining after the fluid has evaporated, is highly flammable!

Other Advice

• AMS does NOT cause high blood pressure.

If low blood pressure appears, you should drink a glass of apple-, cranberry-, grape- or pineapple juice before and after drinking AMS.

Important: only drink juice without additional Vitamin C.

• AMS has no effect on the iodine level.
• AMS can cause temporary tachycardia, this is when the heart valves are affected by bacteria which are being destroyed. If necessary decrease the AMS dose.
• As a supporting step, you can eat two apples after drinking AMS. These help absorb the waste products and excrete them.
• AMS and Vitamin C, or any other additional food/drinks containing additional Vitamin C, should not be taken on the same day, as these cancel out each others effect.
• Additional Vitamin C is also called ascorbic acid.