Omega 3 and Vitamin C Synergy

Like most most people, I’m sure you know the benefits of omega 3 oils, vitamin C and vitamin D… You know that taking them will help support their health in many ways… 

But what you may not know yet is that when combined, even more exciting benefits are available to you.

Omega 3 And Vitamin D Synergy

Another effective ‘cocktail’ is Omega 3 rich fish oils and Vitamin D. It has been shown that with daily high-dose vitamin D3 plus omega 3 there was a reduction in cancer risk in generally healthy and active mature adults who did not have a Vitamin D deficiency.

Another positive health benefit of this ‘cocktail’ is that it has been shown in a large research project to help to prevent the onset of autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune disease, occur when your immune system attacks the healthy cells of your organs and tissues by mistake. The best known of these diseases being Type 1 diabetes,  rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis/psoriatic arthritis and multiple sclerosis. I certainly aim to avoid all of them! 

Omega 3 And Vitamin E Synergy

Another amazing relationship can be found between omega 3 and vitamin E. Research suggests that vitamin E protects the DHA in the brain (the fatty acids sourced from fish that aids brain development), but cannot do this if there is not enough DHA around to begin with. So as you can imagine, when you combine Vitamin E and DHA you boost how well the vitamin E works. 

This effect is particularly important in developing embryos, but it is believed that this effect could continue throughout your life in a protective manner. This combination has also been shown to protect cells from oxidative damage.

Our Omegold product contains vitamin E, vitamin D, and both DHA and EPA omega 3 oils. So we have you covered!

Omega 3 And Vitamin C Synergy

The first time I heard about this concept was when I was studying naturopathic medicine. But I was reminded recently by the health empowerment BOMB that is David Wolfe. He highlighted this amazing synergy between omega 3 and vitamin C. The connection is backed up by studies like this one on animals, which show that when used together, these two nutrients can improve liver enzymes, oxidative stress levels and other measured used to track health much more than when used on their own. 

It’s like these little guys team up in your body and help each other boost your strength.

So, you could buy our Pure Vitamin C alongside your Omegold, to enhance the overall effects of all these vitamins. Enjoy! 

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