MMSHello, I am Jim Humble. I discovered Master Mineral Solution (MMS) back in 1997. I then spent several years studying the chemistry of MMS. Did you know that table salt that all of you use is more than 50% chlorine. If you find out that I am correct, does that mean that you will quit using table salt because chlorine is used in 98% of the world’s bleach? Well, MMS is no more bleach than table salt.

I have 426 Ministers of Health bringing health to people in 72 different countries of the world using MMS. I am so sorry to say that all you Critics do with your efforts to convince people that MMS is bleach, is hurt hundreds of people and sentence them to great continued suffering or even death, that they could have otherwise avoided. All you have to do is to spend a little bit of time reading and studying chlorine dioxide, chlorine and bleach, instead of talking from total ignorance of the two subjects, MMS and bleach. They are not the same. Please, you hurt yourselves most of all.

The one thing that is evident with every single Critic on the Internet is that not a single one of them ever check out MMS to see if it works. Not a single one of them understands or has checked the chemistry of MMS. More than 10 million people have tried MMS and there are thousands of testimonies on the Internet that people just put there without being asked, plus, we have thousands of testimonies that we asked for. How could we fool millions of people and somehow not fool Mr. Critic. Is that how you look at it? You Critics were wrong from the very beginning, without checking a single thing, without checking the fact that the FDA has approved the use of chlorine dioxide (MMS) on food, without checking the chemistry of MMS in any way. Without checking any of the facts, you just add your opinion to all of the other negative opinions. The terrible thing about all the Critics is, they do what they accuse MMS of doing, they hurt people. MMS is not bleach and MMS is not about big bucks!

Yours in health and love,

Archbishop Jim Humble

Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing