Immune SystemImagine your Immune System is a Knight with a big Sword . Everyday he is in charge of the protecting of your body from any unwanted intruders and enemies like Monsters and Dragons (Viruses, Bacteria, infections and all other anaerobic Pathogens) . He always does his best, but sometimes he struggles with certain enemies which he cannot defeat straight away or sometimes he will never, as they are too powerful.

If this happens your body gets ill.
Immune System As A MachineIf you now use AMS, what will happen is you support our Knight and exchange his big Sword with a second, more effective and stronger weapon, a Big Heavy Machine Gun.
Using this more effective Machine Gun, our Knight is now capable of defeating the enemies he used to have trouble with very easily and quickly. Your Knight is now capable if defeating every issue, pain and disease you have in your body.
AMS is a Heavy Weapon which will help your Knight to defeat Diseases, Illnesses and all sorts of Infections. What will result is that your Body gets well again as the Disease or Illness is killed !