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What our clients are saying:

My lump is gone by Helen May

“I was given a two week fast track cancer appointment last year. The ultrasound found a lump which they said could be a cyst. However, I immediately started taking [a natural remedy often included in Tobia’s protocol] and when I had the Camera to check this lump out, it was gone. I religiously took drops every fifteen minutes.”

A clear improvement in 2 days, and COVID-negative in 7 by Client No. 787

“I was diagnosed positive and symptomatic with Covid-19 on the 28th of December 2020. After consulting with Tobias Laube, I began to take high doses of [a natural remedy included in Tobias’ protocol] according to his recommendations. On the second day my taste and smell sense has come back and I felt a clear improvement in my symptoms. After seven days, I then had a second covid-19 test done, which resulted in being Covid-19 Negative! I am absolutely certain that the change from positive to negative had to do with the [remedy] that I took.”

From 0 platelet count to 56,000 in 3 weeks by Client No. 923

“The other day I passed an analysis, which showed that the leukaemia had receded. I am thrilled! But there is still bone marrow aplasia … but I believe that with the proper administration of the [natural protocol], it will go away. Yesterday the doctor said that my body only produces red blood cells, and my platelet count was 0 at the beginning and after three weeks at 56,000! This is significant news! Thank you!”.

Shingles cured in three days! by Shekhar

“My mother had unbearable pain in leg as she had an attack of Shingles / Herpes Zoster. She had very little knowledge of protocols. Yet she took six drop doses three times a day for three days. The consequent over reaction was unavoidable but the inflammation of the nerves was gone with just light tingling sensation remaining on the fourth day. This is a miracle given that others with a similar condition wouldn’t want to live with the pain. This is without any prescription pain killers or anti-virals.”




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  • Has seen first-hand hundreds of people regain their health very quickly without side effects with the protocols I use, including both of my parents after being diagnosed with cancer
  • Has the drive and ability to focus on compassionate and genuine care
  • Has been in practice for 13 years and has worked across multiple continents
  • Knows the correct natural protocols and truly effective solutions that can help you fully restore your healthBelieves that it is your right as a human being to be in control of your journey back to health and not have to depend on any third party for the solution to your health issue
  • Has studied herbal medicine, clinical nutrition, dietary planning, advanced testing, infectious and chronic diseases, therapeutic dietary supplementation, cancer, COVID
  • Is the top supplier in Europe for some of the most prized and science-backed remedies in the world



Leading health empowerment advocate

Even if you have been implementing the health advice and recommendations from books, courses and other literature you’ve learned about through your own research, it can be a huge challenge to find and use the most effective remedies correctly for excellent results.

I’m not about making changes to improve your situation, my work is about very quickly getting you 100% better no matter what you’ve been told.

If you’re here, you haven’t got the results you’re looking for. That’s why I want to invite you to experience something completely different.

Let me review exactly what your situation is so we can easily shift it with the most powerful solutions I have found over my 13 years in practice.

I’ll help you quickly dissolve the root causes of all your health issues so you can recovery FULLY, and enjoy the long life you deserve.

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This is not a classical phone call !