How To Maintain A Really Healthy Brain

It’s only when we begin to get brain fog, anxiety, depression, or even something like memory loss, that we realize just how important a healthy brain is to have a happy, functional life.

Then, we know that being able to concentrate is a blessing. Being able to focus, to plan, be creative and flexible in our thinking… These are things worth consciously holding on to!

We know things like coffee, energy drinks and stimulants come with their downsides, though they can help us in the short term =)

Lifeplus has looked at this problem and has developed a ‘Brain Formula (Fórmula cerebral)’, and I must say, I love this product.

It’s a natural proprietary product is a unique blend of 27 active compounds, and has over 60 ingredients designed to powerfully optimize your brain health.

Some of these ingredients have been sourced from many different medicinal cultures, like the fern, Huperzia Serrata, which has been used in Chinese medicines for thousands of years. It has recently been proven to be effective in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

It also contains Siberian Ginseng, an adaptogenic herb which strengthens your body overall and 

Kelp is also in the formula, which is rich in Iodine, Vitamin K, B Vitamins, Iron, and Zinc. They have added Omega-3 oils, too, with plant compounds that work together to have strong antioxidant effects). Taurina, which was originally identified in Germany, has incredibly positive effects on the brain because of its relationship with your neurotransmitters, or the messengers of your nervous system.

This product also includes pantothenic acid, which contributes to mental performance. It has been noted that in neurodegenerative diseases, like Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and dementia, sufferers have been found to have lower levels of pantothenic acid in their brains. This acid also reduces fatigue; niacin and vitamin B-6 help maintain psychological functions, and chromium which helps maintain blood glucose levels.

Another interesting ingredient is L-phenylalanine, which is used by the body to produce the neurotransmitter norepinephrine. This neurotransmitter has many important functions, including helping signals travel between the brain and the body’s nerve cells, maintaining an awake or alert state, better memory and reducing hunger pains. Norepinephrine also has anti-depressant properties. For this reason, scientists believe that L-phenylalanine could help treat depression.

These specific ingredients are accompanied by many more complementary ingredients specially selected to optimise the blend and to support you in maintaining focus and energy levels.

The formulation of this product means that it will give you a remarkably consistent and long-lasting mental energy boost, without the jitteriness and spikes associated with alternative artificial stimulants–and definitely without the health problems that can be associated with so-called ‘energy drinks’, which tend to be incredibly high in carbohydrates. This product is also suitable for vegetarians!

Ready to experience one of the most sophisticated products I have come across to support your brain health for pennies per day?

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