Anaerobic is a term to describe creatures /animals and breathing processes who do not need elementary oxygen (O2) to survive. Anearobic Pathogens are the cause of almost every disease.

Viruses are killed by a different mechanism than bacteria and all the other microorganisms: AMS prevents the formation of special proteins necessary for viral growth, thus causing the destruction of the virus. The killing of disease-causing organisms generally takes between 4 hours and 4 weeks, but often less than one week. This is true for all forms of infection and other microorganisms, as well as blood diseases such as Leukemia.

Heavy Metals Oxidized
AMS oxidizes the heavy metals in the body. I believe this because there have been a number of tests where the roots of a person’s hair were checked before and after taking AMS. About two weeks afterwards, the heavy metals were gone, including mercury, lead, and others. Testing the roots of hair is a good indication of the absence or presence of heavy metals. Oxidation of the heavy metals is not the same as chelating but the results are the same. When a heavy metal is oxidized, it is neutralized and simply washes out of the body.

Foreign Matter Neutralized
AMS is carried throughout the body, where it neutralizes foreign matter that is generally poisonous. When oxidized, poisons are neutralized and they merely washed out of the body. Almost all poisonous material is easily oxidized. These poisons are attached at various locations and hinder the body’s function. As they are oxidized, they are detached and washed out of the body same as the heavy metals.

Poisons Neutralized
Most forms of poisons from snakes and other venomous animals are oxidized when adequate amounts of AMS are taken. Most food poisons found in restaurants or in your refrigerator are oxidized, which is why one should take a dose every 15 minutes when snake poisons or food poisoning is involved.

Burns Healed
The poisons generated by burns particularly type 3 burns, are neutralized when covered immediately (or even within hours) with NaClO2.

NaClO2 should not be left on a burn wound for more than 5 minutes. It must be rinsed off with water after. But as long as there is pain, one can continue to put NaClO2 on the burn for short periods, but never more than 5 minutes.