Does Vitamin C Help With Sunburn?

Have you read about the toxicity and problems that can come from sunscreen ingredients? And have you been told that there’s nothing you can do internally to quickly repair the damage?

If so, this article is for you!

As you may know, I have very fair skin. So I have to be very careful in the sun, or things can go badly for me!

If I’m out in the sun without protection, I start to feel those tell-tale sunburn symptoms like tension in my skin and redness to the exposed areas even after relatively low exposure times.

Here are my tips on what I do when I get too much sun, and even prime your body for better protection next time–with nutrition!

I use these hacks before summer arrives and definitely before I go on a summer or winter holiday. 

Do We Need Protection Against The Sun?

First things first: sunscreen is a modern invention and people let us that most kinds are really toxic. Vitamin D has many benefits… Do we need protection? 

This may be obvious, but YES!

The human body is designed to make use of the sun and its rays, in moderation

For instance, we absorb the rays of the sun to make the essential vitamin D. But too much sun and those very rays will burn the skin and repeated burning can lead to the possibility of some pretty bad skin damage and weaken your ability to resist disease.

What Is Sunburn?

The sun’s rays are made of radiation from across the spectrum, but it is Ultraviolet rays that are involved in tanning and sunburn. UVA rays penetrate the skin and causes the cells to produce melanin, which is the brown pigment that causes you to brown. But at the same time UVB radiation burns the outer layers of skin, causing sunburn.

Can Vitamin C Prevent Sunburn?   

Recent scientific research has concluded that taking Vitamin C and Vitamin E before exposure to the sun can increase your body’s own Sun Protection. 

The researchers did a trial with a number of people and involved some of them taking a placebo whilst others were given the vitamins and the results showed this protection. 

Scientists are hopeful that the adoption of this method of reducing sunburn will translate into helping to prevent the later possible problems associated with sun exposure.

My advice would be to take vitamins C & E and then supplement this with a natural organic sunscreen.

Can Vitamin C Help Soothe Sunburn?

When I feel like I’ve got a little too much sun, I take 5-10 grams of vitamin C. I can feel relief within 20-30 minutes, with a reduction in pain, less redness and reduced skin tension. This beneficial effect has been scientifically proven. Taking a lot of vitamin C like this should be treated with caution–mainly because if you take too much, you’ll want to be near a bathroom. Your body’s reaction to the dose is also how you can ensure you’re getting enough. When you body is under stress, it uses more vitamin C. So experiment with upping your dose and be sure to pay attention to the message you get back.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know About Vitamin C?

Yes, Vitamin C, because of the way it interacts with your skin’s collagen,  has been scientifically proven to be anti-ageing and can help prevent wrinkles to the skin caused by exposure to the sun. 

Helping You Care For Your Skin This Summer…

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