Tumeric: The Key to Unlocking its Top 5 Benefits

As you may already know, turmeric has an amazing array of benefits. On the Japanese island of Okinawa, consuming turmeric is a way of life, which may explain why the people who live there have one of the longest average lifespans in the world (81.2 years)! It is hard to rival turmeric’s huge anti-inflammatory punch: […]

Do I Need An Antioxidant Supplement As Well? Antioxidants Vs. Oxidizers

Here at Laube Holistic Health Solutions, we talk a lot about oxidizers, and how they destroy all the enemies of health and aim to empower you to use them to create amazing health for pennies per day. But we also talk about the importance of antioxidants. And the fact that it’s not a good idea […]

Forgotten truth about Petroleum as Medicine and how it can be used for Health

The Health Benefits of Turpentine & Purified, Distilled Petroleum Products This topic is super controversial, and yet it is all over forums that promote health freedom and empowerment. So let’s dive into everything you should know! What Are Kerosene & Turpentine? Kerosene is a mineral oil distillate often used as a fuel or solvent. It […]

Combat Your Mercury Fillings With Vitamin C

If you had been told that the “silver” fillings your dentist wanted to put into your mouth (very close to your brain) were 49 or 50% mercury, you would have probably turned them down, wouldn’t you? Mercury amalgam fillings can release mercury vapors for at least 1.5 hours after each “stimulation”, when you chew or […]

Ivermectin and COVID-19

What is Ivermectin? Ivermectin is an award-winning pharmaceutical drug created during the 1970s to treat parasites in both people and animals. It is widely available due to its inclusion on the WHO model list of essential medicines. The microbiologist Satoshi Omura and parasitologist William Campbell first discovered Ivermectin, and now – 50 years later – […]

The Universal Antidote – Chlorine Dioxide

The Science And Story Behind Chlorine Dioxide We are delighted to be able to share a link to this exciting video documentary with you. Whether you are familiar with the incredible health benefits of Chlorine Dioxide or whether you are new to the concept and you want to know more, this video documentary will enlighten […]

Company Creation Story

I can not believe this! It all started with this phase. More precisely, with a phone call. This was followed by the historical acquisition of the book, it’s reading. And the irresistible desire of Tobias Laube to move in this direction. How it’s been going The telephone conversation took place back in 2008. It focused […]

DMSO – harnessing its true Power


Is DMSO a miracle drug or dangerous toxin? Here’s everything you need to know about using the power of DMSO safely and effectively. If you spend much time around horses, sooner or later you’ll encounter dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO). After all, this pungent, syrupy liquid is used to treat a variety of equine health problems ranging […]

Vitamin C proven to cure over 30 major diseases

Over 75 years of medical research and clinical practice reveals, overwhelmingly, that vitamin C has the power to ignite the ‘self-healing response’. I know what you’re thinking – if vitamin C is so good for us – why haven’t you been told about this curative nutrient? Well, the answer will soon become painfully obvious Medical […]

Success with Multiple Sclerosis

Testimony of AMS usage from September 27th 2007 to March 2008. I have taken AMS for 5 months. I have had Multiple Sclerosis and have improved my symptoms over the years with many holistic therapies and treatments. I always found some of the symptoms would re-occur in time. I came to the belief that Multiple […]

Testimonial – Pre-stage skin cancer

Pre-stage skin cancer Denia/Els Poblets – Spain 12.07.2007 20.08.2007 Diagnose and Treatment from a Dermatologist: Quiste milium, seborrhoic Eczema, actinic Keratoderma. Seborrhoic Eczema, actinic Keratoderma – from the Pschyrembel Clinical Dictionary: Light Keratoderma in Face and back o the hand caused through chronic Lightexposion, Light scaling bump / squamous cell carcinoma (pre-stage skin cancer). After […]

Every household in the world would greatly benefit from having some DMSO…

Matthew Armstrong

“I will start by mentioning that i think every household in the world would greatly benefit from having some DMSO, AMS and Vitamin C at the ready. Whenever I feel some muscle ache or joint pain, I rub some DMSO into the effected area and experience pain relief faster than any other anti-inflammatory I have […]