Do You Have The Right Mindset and Knowledge For Health?

There was a time when I thought that: → Doctors knew more about health than anyone else → Getting sick during old age was normal → Cancer was deadly unless you got chemo and radiation therapy → Natural medicines weren’t as effective as pharmaceutical drugs But then, I overheard my father having a conversation that […]

The Truth About Lyme Disease

The Truth About Lyme Disease It’s tick season… which means the likelihood of being exposed to Lyme disease through infected ticks goes up dramatically. No, I’m not scaremongering here. I’m here to empower you. Because the truth about Lyme disease can’t be found almost anywhere online. And I believe you should know that truth so […]

The Japanese Chlorine Dioxide Study: What it Really Means

As you probably already know, chlorine dioxide (Cl02) is used all over the world as a disinfectant in the medical industry and food industry. I often recommend this documentary to anyone interested in understanding the history and benefits of chlorine dioxide, particularly anyone who is worried that it is damaging, like bleach, at low concentrations. […]

What Are Oberon Biofeedback and Bioresonance Machines?

Modern Technology of Bioresonance on guard of your health A lot of excitement is building regarding the unique diagnostic abilities and properties of Oberon devices. So let’s cover what you need to know. What is an Oberon Biofeedback or Bioresonance Machine? Oberon machines are a special type of scanning device. They listen in on and […]

The Scientifically-Proven Potential Risks of 5G Radiation

Even before 5G was fully rolled out, a review of the scientific studies on Wi-Fi and other electromagnetic frequency (EMF) exposure found that it is an important threat to health. Many different effects of repeated exposure were identified in that research, including: Apoptosis, which is cell death Oxidative stress, one of the root causes of […]

What is DMSO? [+ It’s Least-Known Benefits]

Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) is a medical substance that can be applied topically to the skin as a cream on its own or alongside other supplements. It easily penetrates membranes and is absorbed by tissues. It was first used as a pain medicine by Dr. Stanley Jacob in 1961 at Oregon Health Sciences University. DMSO may […]

Tumeric: The Key to Unlocking its Top 5 Benefits

As you may already know, turmeric has an amazing array of benefits. On the Japanese island of Okinawa, consuming turmeric is a way of life, which may explain why the people who live there have one of the longest average lifespans in the world (81.2 years)! It is hard to rival turmeric’s huge anti-inflammatory punch: […]

Do I Need An Antioxidant Supplement As Well? Antioxidants Vs. Oxidizers

Here at Laube Holistic Health Solutions, we talk a lot about oxidizers, and how they destroy all the enemies of health and aim to empower you to use them to create amazing health for pennies per day. But we also talk about the importance of antioxidants. And the fact that it’s not a good idea […]

Forgotten truth about Petroleum as Medicine and how it can be used for Health

The Health Benefits of Turpentine & Purified, Distilled Petroleum Products This topic is super controversial, and yet it is all over forums that promote health freedom and empowerment. So let’s dive into everything you should know! What Are Kerosene & Turpentine? Kerosene is a mineral oil distillate often used as a fuel or solvent. It […]

Combat Your Mercury Fillings With Vitamin C

If you had been told that the “silver” fillings your dentist wanted to put into your mouth (very close to your brain) were 49 or 50% mercury, you would have probably turned them down, wouldn’t you? Mercury amalgam fillings can release mercury vapors for at least 1.5 hours after each “stimulation”, when you chew or […]