Are Ch*mtrails Destroying Your Health?

We are excited to share the following information with you. It is extremely challenging to find high-quality resources on this topic through any search engine now. So much has been censored out.

So we did the research for you to help you stay as empowered and free as possible when it comes to your health. 

Asterisks are used in this article to prevent censorship.

Let’s begin with the basics:

What Are Ch*mtrails?

Otherwise known as stratospheric geoengineering, aerial spraying, chemtrails or chemical trails are the white streaks you see in the sky that don’t go away after the airplane has passed by.

Their existence is disputed by the mainstream media and government, which is why you might begin to question what you see before your eyes when you look up and see those streaks.

The mainstream narrative goes something like this: “Those are contrails—streaks caused by the lower temperatures at altitude, which cause the water vapour and exhaust particles from airplanes to stay in the sky in the form of ice crystals or water vapour. Just like a cloud.”

In a great but dated documentary called Aerosol Crimes, which you can find here, it shows that authorities such as the Environmental Protection Agency of the USA (AKA, the EPA) repeatedly claim (cerca the year 2000) that they are “unaware” of any chemicals or substances being sprayed out of aircraft into the sky, despite being sent a sample for analysis. 

Greenpeace also responded in an official letter, when sent a ch*mtrail sample of an unidentified substance, that they didn’t have “an official position” on the topic, and could therefore not make any comment.

So what’s the truth?

Our common sense and observations have led us to believe that there’s more to this. I mean, if that’s the case:

  • Why are we seeing more and more of them over time?
  • Why can you find scientists, experts and whistleblowers online all saying the same thing: That the technology to modify the weather exists, and it IS being used

That narrative excuses spraying vast amounts of toxic aerosols into our atmosphere to reflect the sun’s rays away from earth, thereby slowing down the effects of global warming.


What is in Ch*mtrails?

It is thought that ch*mtrails contain:

  • Nanoparticles
  • Viruses
  • Bacteria 
  • Fungi
  • Toxic (heavy) metals, including aluminum, barium and strontium, and other materials such as arsenic, titanium and thorium have been found in samples
  • Graphene oxide, which has received a lot of attention because of its use in v*ccines

Why do people believe these substances are being sprayed into our skies around the globe? One source of evidence of this type of activity is the dramatically-increasing levels of aluminium and barium in water and soil test samples.

Then there’s the changes in our environment. Could ch*mtrails be behind things like:


What Health Effects Can Ch*mtrails Have? 

People who have developed chronic health conditions in areas where ch*mtrails have been deposited have recovered when they moved to an area where less or no spraying was being done.

This one man wrote in this book, which he published on Amazon, his story about moving to Asia to recover from his ch*mtrail-related health issues. He’s not alone. There are many if you search online, including this man’s heart attack story, which led him to create a website on the topic of ch*mtrails.

But just in case you’re wondering what types of health issues the above substances might cause, here’s a taste of this comprehensive list with links to people’s real experiences:


How Can I Detox These Substances Out of My Body?

CDS is the top resource I personally use to keep my body as free from toxins as possible. You can find it here.

If you’d like to ask us specific questions about CDS or any worries you’ve had about the effects of ch*mtrails on your own health or around toxins in your environment, please feel free to book a free health call or join our membership program for only education and more personal support.

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