– Save your life or that of your loved ones –

The Modern Medicine persists on fighting symptoms instead of searching for the Cause – because when they would find the Cause, they could resolve the problem.

But when they resolve the Problem, they cannot sell any pharmaceutical against that any more.

What a pity, but everything here is just spinning around the Money.

For over 100 years chlorine dioxide is used in the industry for the sterilization of water, the equipment in hospitals and the disinfection of chicken- and beef as well as other foods.

To understand the AMS one must understand chlorine dioxide, as this is what is generated and what does the job in the body.

Chlorine dioxide is a powerful chemical that has many uses. It is an oxidizer, less powerful than oxygen, but with greater quantity available for oxidizing. Chlorine dioxide explodes when it obtains certain chemical conditions, and is neutral with other chemical conditions. It is selective. What do we mean when we say it explodes? Well, an explosion is merely a fast Chemicals reaction, mainly oxidation that also releases energy.

In the formula, ClO2, there are two oxygen ions. So why do these not get released so that the body can use them? It’s because they have a minus two charge. They have already done their oxidizing before they arrived in this position. They cannot oxidize further. But the chlorine combined with oxygen can. When chlorine dioxide touches a pathogen or a poison that is acidic in nature, it instantly accepts five electrons. It destroys anything that it can draw electrons from and generates heat at the same time (this action is called oxidization even when oxygen is not a part of it).

When oxygen is not capable of oxidizing it simply cannot do the job in the body that is recurred for oxygen. What sodium chlorite really does for us is it gives us chlorine dioxide, a Chemicals that is selectively to destroy almost all bad things that might exist in the body. Each tiny chlorine dioxide molecule has tremendous power to destroy those things from which it can draw electrons, but it does not have the power to draw electrons from healthy cells or aerobic bacteria.

Chlorine dioxide does not last forever. It has too much energy bundled into a small area. It begins to lose some of its energy so that it no longer is explosive (unable to oxidize) it can then combine with other substances.

There is some evidence that it helps make myeloperoxidase, a chemical that the body uses to make hypochlorous acid that is then used by the immune system to further kill pathogens, killer cells and other things. Chlorine dioxide is the only chemical known that has these qualities and that can do these things in the body without creating any negative side effects.


AMS is no pharmaceutical, it is a mineral supplement which is used as a turbo for your complete immune system. The immune system is strengthened with fighting illnesses, pathogens and injuries.

*Aerobic is a term to describe creatures/animals who need elementary Oxygen (O2) to survive.

*Anaerobic is a term to describe creatures/animals and breathing processes who do not need elementary Oxygen (O2) to survive.