About us

At the beginning of 2008, I overheard my father talking on the phone with one of his work colleagues. My father seemed surprised and amazed by the conversation. I couldn’t fail to be intrigued, particularly when I heard my father say “and she just got up from the wheelchair after ONLY SEVEN DAYS?” followed by “My God… I can’t believe it”

I remember this moment clearly. It is imprinted in my memory.

Following that revolutionary telephone call, my father asked me to help him make an online purchase for a particular book that had been recommended to him during his memorable telephone call. The book was about a man who had stumbled upon a game changing discovery. He had used his treatment to completely cure someone from one of the biggest killers. The killer is called malaria.

The work colleague my father spoke to on the phone did not suffer from malaria. The conversation was actually about his wife. For many years, she had been confined to a wheelchair, suffering with chronic arthritis. The work colleague had heard of a man who had discovered a very effective and affordable treatment for a variety of ailments. The work colleague purchased some of this remedy and used it to treat his wife. As you may have already guessed, the treatment worked. After only seven days, his wife was able to stand up and walk away from her wheelchair.

After my father received the book and read it, I was determined to read it too. I wanted to know more.

I read the book within three days. The result of this time was the birth of a motivation and drive within me. I felt compelled to tell as many people as possible about the discoveries of the author. His name was Jim Humble. I wanted others to know how, without spending a lot of money, they could effectively and safely treat themselves. They could even save their life or that of a loved one!

Over the following years, countless hours of learning and research have led to the development of several more life-changing treatments and solutions, all of which are offered on the website you are viewing right now.

To date, our products and guidance have helped thousands of people recover from serious and life-threatening illness and improve their health and wellbeing.

And we are far from stopping!

Make no mistake though, not everyone approves of helping others in the way we have described above. There are individuals and organisations with a different agenda when it comes to the health of others. However, we have a very positive ethos. If you’re sick of being sick, and maybe you’ve even given up with conventional modern medicine, we might be able to give you a third opinion 😉

Thank you for your interest in The Laube Holistic Health Solutions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require more information or guidance.

Tobias Laube